1.)   I'm locked out of my house or my bedroom.

You should:  If you are locked out you may contact the emergency line, however, the lock out service is not a 24 hr service and is only available when our emergency personnel is available. This means if you call later in the evening or in the middle of the night we will not be available to unlock your door. Please do not call in the middle of the night or make repeated calls - if we are available we will call you back.
Unfortunately the reality is; if you are locked out and it is much past normal work hours your door will not be unlocked until the following day.  
We realize this may be frustrating, however, if you break into your house or room it could end up costing you hundreds of dollars while purchasing an extra key will cost you $10. We recommend you hide the extra key you were provided at move in somewhere outside the room/house.
The lock out fee for after hours or weekends is $30 and must be paid at the time of service.

2.)   I think my main drain/sewer line is plugged

You may have a main line back up if: water is backing up in sinks, showers, and toilets. Water will, most likely, be coming up through your floor drain in the basement. Water may contain items from the drain.
Please do not call our emergency line if one of your drains is just slow or the toilet plugs once or twice over a long period. Call during regular business hours to report those types issues.

You should:  Not us any more water. This will only make the problem worse. Any water that is used will back up in your house. Shutoffs under sinks and toilets may be turned off to prevent others from using any water until the plumber can arrive. Do not use Drano or any other clog remover.

3.)   A water line is broken. If you have a constant leak or water is pouring out of a pipe.

You should:  Locate and turn off the MAIN water shutoff. In most houses the main shutoff is located in the basement or utility room. Some water will continue to come out at first. If you cannot locate the main, call our emergency phone line @ (517)290-4284 and we will assist you in finding it. In the meantime, turn off any water shutoffs you can locate. Clean up any water on surfaces to prevent further damage.

4.)   I smell gas. You may or may not have a gas leak. If you have a gas stove your pilot light may be out. H.R.I. will re-light the pilot as soon as possible. If you believe you have a gas leak or the gas odor continues to get worse.

You should: Call H.R.I. to report the problem. In the mean time; open windows and doors and/or go outside. If you are unable to reach H.R.I., contact Consumers Energy at 1(800)477-5050. They will check your furnace and gas lines for a leak.

5.)   What are some safety precautions we can take to prevent a kitchen fire?

You should:  Check out this link for tips and resources for preventing fires in your home.

6.)   I'm not sure who to call?

You should:  if you are having an emergency and don't know who to contact you can always call the police, either 911 or (517)351-4220. Unless you have a medical emergency, a crime has taken place or there's a fire, please contact Hagan Realty, Inc. first.  We should be able to point you in the right direction.

For non-emergency maintenance information click here.

If a crime has been committed or you have a medical emergency call 911. 
Be sure to get a police report or incident number.

Reminder - Filing a false police report is a crime. You may be charged with a felony depending on the crime you report.

Below are some examples of possible maintenance emergencies and possible solutions. Please contact Hagan Realty, Inc. before contacting the utility company. The police and fire departments are on duty 24 hours a day to handle fire and personal safety emergencies. If you have an emergency please contact HRI at (517)290-4284 and leave a message.

If you contact a locksmith or any other service to handle an emergency at your property you will be responsible for the cost.
Click Here for help with some common maintenance issues before submitting a request
In case of an Emergency:
Please call our office before calling the emergency line.
After hours lock out fee is $30 - paid at time of service. 
(Not a 24 hour service)
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