TIPS to reduce "tenant related" maintenance costs:
#1 way to reduce tenant related maintenance costs is to call Hagan Realty if you have a problem.
Unfortunately some tenants hesitate on calling their landlord. For the sake of your safety as well as your pocket book, please call Hagan Realty if something is wrong at your property. The problem will only get worse over time. Some issues can be handled at minimum or no cost to the tenant if caught right away. Some preventative measures you can take are listed below:

Garbage Disposal:  The garbage disposal is meant to handle small portions of food items. Water should be run before, during and after disposal has been used. Lettuce, celery, carrot peelings, potato peelings, and all types of pasta are some things the disposal and drain has a hard time handling. Do not throw; bottle caps, pocket change, fish tank rocks, glass or any other non food items down the disposal. You will be charged for removal of these items and/or a new disposal. If continuous maintenance is required the disposal will be removed.  If your disposal is not working call HRI right away to prevent further damage.

Bathrooms:​  The toilet is meant to handle small amounts of toilet paper. Do not flush tampons, condoms, paper towel or any other foreign objects down the toilet, including "flushable wipe".  Tenants will be charged for all service and/or parts related to fixing the problem resulting from throwing something in the toilet, including a new toilet if necessary. The same rules apply to sink and shower drains. No objects should be put in the drain.  If your drain is slow or stopped call HRI right away to prevent further damage. You will not be charged for slow drains if it is not a result of you or your guests actions.

Fire Safety:  Do not use grills or outdoor fireplaces indoors or on enclosed porches. Keep grills away from your house to prevent the heat from warping or burning siding. No fire pits, you must have a permit & you will be charge for yard damage. 
Click Here for tips on how to prevent kitchen fires.

Yard Maintenance:  Costs incurred by Hagan Realty to repair damaged yard due to a horseshoe pits or other yard games will be charged to the tenants. We recommend portable, above ground, horseshoe pits that require no digging. You are required by your lease to do both leaf raking and snow shoveling on a regular basis . P.A.C.E. will issue tickets if the sidewalk is not clear of snow and ice. In the fall, leaves from the entire property, including driveway, must be raked to the curb. Finally, any litter in your yard must be picked up. P.A.C.E. will issue tickets for "party litter." If you don't pick it up, we may do it for you, and you will be charged accordingly. You will be subject to fines from HRI as well as the City.
Go to Helpful Links for direct links to the City's snow removal ordinance and other City related fines.

Windows:  Screens/Storms; do not take out screen or storm windows, they break and bend very easily and cost a lot to replace. Air conditioners; if installed improperly may cause serious water damage to the house. Units create water, therefore unit must be installed tilted away from the house in order to drain properly.  
Click Here for a diagram that shows how to properly install a window air conditioning unit.

Locked Out:  Please do not hang purses, bags, clothing, etc. on the door handle, this can prevent you from being able to unlock your door with the key requiring maintenance to come let you in which you may be billed for.

Always keep spare room & house keys.  2 bedroom keys are given with every lock as well as 1 spare exterior key.  If you have lost either key they can be purchased at our office for only $10.   If you are locked out contact Hagan Realty. DO NOT break the door down or attempt to break in any other way. Breaking screens/windows to get in and/or breaking the door will result in large fines. A broken door can be $300 or more.
*Reminder* filing a false police report saying "someone else broke my door/screen, etc," is a crime and you will be charged. Another recommendation is to have bedroom locks keyed the same as 1 or all your roommates, this will keep strangers out, but a roommate will have a spare key in case you get locked out. You will be charged $30 if HRI has to unlock your door after normal business hours (this is not a 24 hour service).

Move-Out Day:  All trash needs to go in the green City trash containers or yellow City bags and placed at the curb. These bags can be purchased at local grocery stores and City Hall. Please take all furniture when you move out. For large items that will not fit in the trash container or yellow bags you will need to buy a "special pick-up sticker". Stickers can be purchased at City Hall.  Anything with freon in it, such as, air conditioners and mini refrigerators require a "special pick-up sticker" as well, also available at City Hall. These items must be placed at the curb with the stickers on them. All trash and large items left inside and around the house will be removed and you will be charged.

Little things that add up to a lot: 
  • Do not use 2-way tape on walls. Minimize number of holes for hanging pictures. 3M products work great.
  • Do not screw blinds, curtains, etc. into window trim. 
  • Leave all keys when you move out. 
  • Make sure batteries are in all smoke detectors. 
  • Do not take light covers off lights. 
  • Put pads under your bed and furniture legs; scratches in the wood floors are common, but avoidable.

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