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May - May Leases: Rent is due May, September, January
August - August Leases: Rent is due August, December, March
Apartment dates vary

As move-in approaches we will have our office hours posted on our website. You may pick up your keys during these hours.  Only 1 person is needed for key pick-up; they will receive all keys.  You must bring I.D. when picking up keys. Your 1st rent installment must be paid in full in order to receive any keys.
Be sure to place all utilities in a tenants name prior to move-in to avoid shut-off and additional fees.
Consumers Energy (gas) and Board of Water & Light (electric) are the ones you need to call on (if applicable). We put the City of East Lansing water bill in your name for you (East Lansing houses only).

See below for early move-in details.  Please call us ahead of time if you plan on moving in early.

We have a large number of properties to change over and cannot predict when a particular property will be ready.  We clean properties as they become available, please do not ask to have your property put at the "top of the list."

If you move-in early you will have to accept the unit "as is" with regards to painting and cleaning.
We will not have our cleaning or painting crews work on your house once you have started to move in.

We will begin cleaning and painting the units as soon as possible.  Therefore, some of the units will be ready days before the start of the lease. If the "House Status" page (posted on the home page during change over) indicates your house has been cleaned, painted, and carpets cleaned a final walk through may not have been done yet. There may be cleaning and painting touch ups that you must except if you move-in early. You may check the house before you move-in early. If you wish to have more cleaning done do not move any items in to the house and you must bring your keys back to Hagan Realty the same day.  We will do the necessary touch ups at our convenience and you can check the place again before you move in.

In addition to painting, cleaning, and steam cleaning carpets many houses will get a coat of polyurethane on the floors. This can take up to 2 days to dry which could change the possible move in date on your house.

You will need to complete your inventory checklist, you have received with your copy of the lease.  You must return it to us within 7 days of your move-in date to avoid being charged for existing damages or any furniture left in the unit.  This also ensures anything that may need repair is fixed in a timely manor.  

The carpet will be cleaned regardless of when you move in, however, if you move in early we will only clean around any furniture in the unit.  If you notify us ahead of time that you plan on moving in early we can try to arrange to have your carpets cleaned before you move in.  If not, we would appreciate it if you could move furniture so the entire carpet can be cleaned.  

City of East Lansing only picks up trash that is in either the green City trash containers or yellow City trash bags.  Bags can be purchased at City Hall as well as many stores in town; Quality Dairy, Meijer, and others. Materials that can be recycled such as cardboard, may be taken to the City of East Lansing's recycling center. Department of Public Works is located at 1800 E. State Rd. or call (517)337-9459.  There are several other options for recycling not only curbside items, but also small furniture and appliances.  Go to "Helpful Links" for more information.

Move-In Information

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